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RSJ 3D Packer

Try it yourself.


  • The software tightly packs items into containers (or onto palettes)
  • Support for multiple container and item sizes
  • Optional vertical rotation (per item)
  • Every packed item is supported by the item below it
  • Optional weight limits per container
  • Optional support for item classes: Items can only packed above items with lower or equal item class
  • Dangerous goods support: risk point limits and incompatible risk types.
  • We could extend our solution for additional constraints (eg vertical packing restrictions)
  • GLB output (ie 3D model) possible (can be emailed)

Try it yourself.


We offer this solution as:

  • Cloud solution (subscription planned)
  • On premises server
  • Standalone program

On premises

  • Windows 10 64 Bit
  • or Ubuntu Linux 64 Bit
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 4 GB Hard disk


Our software creates a heuristicly optimized solutions for the static problem (ie you can pack the items in any order).

Our algorithm could be modified to work for dynamic problems (eg where you only have (limited or no) control over the order of the items during packing or require a specific unpacking order).

Just ask us.


The cloud version has the following integration:

  • Google Sheets Add-On
  • Excel Add-In (planned)

The Excel Add-in might also be used for on premises installations.

Project Status

We currently offer a free beta version right on our website

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